balanced body: Reformer Trapeze Combination

Emphasizing strength, mobility, and flexibility is essential for longevity, and Pilates offers the ultimate solution. By incorporating Pilates into your routine, you unlock a holistic approach to fitness that targets these key components, fostering overall health and vitality. Pilates’ focus on controlled movements and mindful breathing not only builds strength but also enhances mobility and flexibility, promoting longevity and a higher quality of life. Experience the transformative power of Pilates as you cultivate a balanced body and mind, paving the way for enduring well-being and vitality.

Ideal for Reformer and Trapeze work in limited space. Our Studio Reformer is combined with a complete Trapeze Table (Cadillac). Coverts easily with 2 removable mats, while the carriage stays in place.

Exhibiting Profile: Wellness

Trend: Sustainability

Company Name: Seara Sports

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