HOBART FX and FP Series Dishwasher

The new generation undercounter glass and dishwashers of FX and FP series which equipped with numerous innovative features such as CUTLERY PREMIUM or the SELF-CLEANING WASH SYSTEM, the advanced glass and dishwashers ensure a clean, ecological and smart wash routine.

Shiny cutlery without polishing

This time-consuming polishing process is now a thing of the past, because with the new, patent-pending CUTLERY PREMIUM feature, HOBART has managed to integrate this function into a dishwasher.

Your benefits

Lower labour costs by eliminating the time-consuming manual polishing process. You save space as you only need one machine for both washing and polishing. You can rely on perfect hygiene, as manual polishing with tea towels is no longer necessary. At busy times, the cutlery can be put straight back in place and your staff can focus on the guests. Automatic cutlery programme selection ensures easy operation. Optimum wash results by avoiding water shielding.

Exhibiting Profile: Cleaning & Laundry

Trend: Energy Efficiency

Company Name: HOBART Thailand

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