Kabinet Smart Garden

Kabinet Smart Garden is a smart indoor growing in hydroponics system and LED lighting. The Kabinet comes with its own water system and 940 W power max. It’s all automatic growing system that you don’t have to worry about the plant’s nutrition, light spectrum, water and air flow management, pH & EC control, water chiller, and humidity inside and outside the Kabinet. You can connect with the device via Wi-Fi. There is a web dashboard displaying the information online and offline. Or, if you have your own calculation, you can control the device manually as well through Touch Screen.

With a growing capacity of 72 plants, this smart indoor plant is good for growing salad greens, Kale, and Red Oak.

This is suitable for home-grown vegetable or can be decorated as a creative furniture to add some greens in the area.

Exhibiting Profile: Dining

Trend: Digital Guest Experience, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability

Company Name: Civic AgroTech

Website: www.civicagrotech.com