Middleby Marshall: PS840

Introducing the revolutionary Middleby Marshall PS840 WOW! oven, an innovative American brand celebrated for its forward-thinking design. This high-performance conveyor oven boasts an Energy Management System (EMS) that automatically minimizes gas consumption. Carefully engineered for swift and convenient use, this conveyor oven stands out in the market.

Specifically crafted to cook pizzas 30% faster than its counterparts, the conveyor oven employs impingement technology to achieve this feat at a lower temperature. It is feasible to bake 100 to 150 pizza trays within an hour. It’s the ideal choice for businesses aiming to enhance the speed of their pizza preparation process. Elevate your cooking experience with this seamless and cutting-edge oven – welcome to the future of perfect pizza!

Exhibiting Profile: Kitchen

Trend: Energy Efficiency

Company Name: Sevenfive Distributor Co., Ltd.

Booth No. 11-N40