PandaBot H01 Hotel Robot

PANDA Hotel & Hospital Intelligent Service Robot is a commercial service robot that offers a comprehensive optimized interactive experience. It has functions such as greeting and reception, item retrieval and delivery, guiding and directing, information exchange, promotional displays, and autonomous elevator use. It can achieve smooth and fast walking, as well as flexible and precise obstacle avoidance. Human-like language communication helps bridge the gap between humans and machines.


  • Auto connect to elevator
  • Automatic charging
  • Advanced SLAM laser navigation technology eliminates the need for floor stickers
  • The 15-inch display, a new technology in Thailand, perfect for promotions
  • The “Automotive-Level Structure” ensures smooth and safe delivery
  • The centralized control system enhances efficiency for the operation of multiple robots

Exhibiting Profile: Technology

Trend: Digital Guest Experience

Company Name: Panda Robot Thailand