PandaBot R02 Delivery Robot

Panda Robot, Creating Convenience and Comfort for Your Future! The latest delivery solution with intelligent navigation, high efficiency, reliability, low cost, can be deployed by computer literate employees, fully automatic indoor autonomous navigation.  Equipped with the industry’s leading independent positioning and navigation technology developed by PANDA ROBOT, no code is required, and the industry’s original independent dispatching system. Multi-machine collaboration, orderly delivery, improve delivery efficiency and create service features, with a variety of optional functions such as autonomous ladder hailing/gate control.


  • Automatic charging
  • Advanced SLAM laser navigation technology eliminates the need for floor stickers
  • The “Automotive-Level Structure” ensures smooth and safe delivery

The centralized control system enhances efficiency for the operation of multiple robots

Exhibiting Profile: Technology

Trend: Digital Guest Experience

Company Name: Tropical Fruits Fusion Co., Ltd