Quickpizz, a multi-purpose pizza maker. Easy to use, just take 2 minutes to eat. Compact size, easy to move.

  • Usage Quickpizz works with a voltage of 230 V / 50 Hz A Socket, does not require any ventilation system.
  • After turning on the machine, the Lava stone can be heated up to 300 Celsius within 15 minutes by the Heater 1900 W. After that, the pizza dough can be baked in a short time.
  • Quickpizz quality, made in France. Can bake very good quality pizza. Whether the product is Raw, Fresh or Frozen, it can make the pizza thin, crispy and good tasting, saving energy.
  • Quickpizz has innovations that help in saving energy to the utmost. Electrical energy is used only when baking.

Exhibiting Profile: Kitchen

Trend: Energy Efficient

Company Name: Smile Equipment Company Limited

Brand: Quickpizz

Booth No. 11-R28