Smart Screen

Smart Indoor Plant – Growing System, limited space, but unlimited growing

Smart Screen: A vertical garden together with LEDs light, a yes to any type of area. It is a great solution for those who would like to grow plants but have limited space.

With a growing capacity of 35 plants, this smart indoor plant is good for growing salad greens, for example, Butter head, Green oak, Green cos, and Frillice iceberg

Stay connected to check the plant details such as plant’s life span, temperature, humidity, and lighting. You can control the device through a smartphone application.

You will get notified if the water level is low and suggested how the environment should be like to grow a plant perfectly.

This is suitable for home-grown vegetable or can be decorated as a creative furniture to add some greens in the area.

Exhibiting Profile: Dining

Trend: Digital Guest Experience, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability

Company Name: Civic AgroTech