Induction Cooking Block

Trutec, an upscale Kitchen Equipment manufacturer company based in Vietnam, specializes in manufacture of high-quality Mono Blocks, Flame Grills and Modular ranges. These products are designed to seamlessly integrate into modern kitchen islands, providing a versatile and stylish addition to any culinary space. Trutec Mono Block can be customized to accommodate any kitchen layout or design. At its core, our cooking block embodies modern design principles, harmoniously blending efficiency with elegance.

The Trutec cooking block, meticulously crafted from superior materials, exhibits robustness and durability, engineered to endure the demands of daily usage. With hygiene as our paramount concern, it is designed to facilitate effortless access to cooking utensils, spices, and other essentials. is not just about functionality; it’s also about style. The choice of materials, colours, and finishes contribute to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, reflecting the culinary taste and lifestyle of culinary art.

Exhibiting Profile: Kitchen

Trend: Sustainability

Company Name: Trutec Pte. Ltd

Brand: Sunmen

Booth No. 11-P14