Varimixer: AR40

Unleash your culinary creativity with Varimixer’s Spiral Mixers, designed to elevate your kitchen experience. Meet the AR40, the perfect companion for all your beating, whipping, and kneading needs. Whether you run a medium-sized bakery, a commercial kitchen, or engage in large-scale food production, the AR40 is your key to enhanced kitchen productivity and consistent perfection.Tailored for versatility, the AR40 is also available in a specialized pizza version, equipped with an extra powerful motor. But that’s not all – the Varimixer AR40 can be customized with an experience the power of precision and perfection in every mix.

Varimixer AR40, “THE MIXER FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING” ensuring your culinary endeavors reach new heights.

Exhibiting Profile: Kitchen

Trend: Energy Efficiency

Company Name: Sevenfive Distributor Co., Ltd.

Booth No. 11-N40