Wine Preservation System

Timeless Wine Preservation Systems

“I’ll drink whatever is open” is a thing of the past. Drink or serve the wine you want with the Classic Coravin Wine Preservation Systems. Patented Coravin technology ensures you can drink any wine, in any amount, without pulling the cork.

  • Easy On, Easy Off with SmartClampsTM
    Simply align the System with the top of the bottle, and install with a quick, firm push. To remove, simply pull straight up and off the bottle.
  • Never Remove the Cork
    Patented technology ensures you can enjoy a glass of wine and preserve what is left in the bottle.
  • Added Premium Accessories
    Upgrade your Coravin experience with our best selling accessories and additional Coravin Pure Argon Capsules.

Savor the Glass. Preserve the Bottle.

Drink what you want, without compromise. Coravin gives you the freedom to pour the wine you desire, and save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years.

Ultimate in Preservation – From your weekday glass to your special occasion bottle, Coravin technology meets all of your wine preservation needs.

Professional Quality – Coravin products are used and trusted by wine professionals around the world.

Sophisticated Design – Colors, finishes, and silhouettes that complement your preferred aesthetic

Exhibiting Profile: Cafe & Bar

Trend: Food Waste, Sustainability

Company Name: Coravin